How Do You Do Perspective Mockups in Figma?

Mockups are an essential part of the design process, as it helps visualize how everything will come together in the final product. Figma is a great tool for creating mockups quickly and efficiently, and one of its most powerful features is Perspective Mockups. In this article, we’ll be discussing what perspective mockups are, how to do them in Figma, and why they’re so useful.

Perspective mockups are a type of mockup that use perspective techniques to create a three-dimensional effect. This makes the design more realistic and engaging, as it provides a sense of depth and movement. With Figma’s Perspective Mockup feature, you can easily add perspective to your designs by adjusting the angle and position of elements within the frame.

To create a perspective mockup in Figma, first select the object you want to add perspective to. Then open up the “Perspective” tab in the right sidebar.

Here you can adjust the angle and position of your object using sliders or by dragging handles around it. You can also adjust the depth of field – or how far away from your object is blurred – with a slider.

Once you’ve made all your adjustments, you can save your perspective mockup as an image or SVG file for easy sharing with others or importing into other programs. And if you ever need to go back and make adjustments later on, all your changes are easily accessible from within Figma.

Why Use Perspective Mockups?

Perspective mockups are incredibly useful for bringing life to otherwise flat designs. By adding subtle details like angles and depth of field, your design will look more professional and engaging than ever before.

Plus, with Figma’s Perspective Mockup feature, creating them is quick and easy!


Creating perspective mockups in Figma is simple and straightforward thanks to its Perspective Mockup feature. With just a few clicks you can add dynamic angles and depth of field to any element in your design. This makes for more realistic designs that stand out from the crowd – something that every designer should take advantage of!