How Do You Do Scrolling Effect in Figma?

In Figma, scrolling effect is an important feature that can help you create an effective and engaging user experience for your web or mobile app. The scrolling effect allows the user to scroll through content and interact with elements on the page.

It is essential for creating a seamless and enjoyable experience. Figma makes it easy to add scrolling effect with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create Frames

The first step when creating a scrolling effect in Figma is to create frames. You can create frames by selecting the “New Frame” icon in the top right corner of the canvas. Once you have created frames, you can then add elements into each frame that will become part of the scrolling experience.

Step 2: Add Scrolling Effect

Once you have created your frames, you can add the scrolling effect by selecting the “Scroll” option from the left side menu. When you select this option, a new panel will appear where you can customize your scrolling settings such as direction, speed, and easing. You can also adjust the size of your scrollbar so it fits into your design.

Step 3: Link Frames

The next step is to link all of your frames together so they form one continuous scrollable area. To do this, simply select all of your frames and click on “Link Frames” in the top right corner of the canvas. This will allow users to easily navigate through all of your content without having to manually scroll each frame separately.

Step 4: Adjust Animation Settings

Finally, you can adjust animation settings such as speed and easing to make sure your scrolling looks smooth and natural. To do this, select “Animation” from the left side menu and customize your settings as desired.

This will ensure that users experience a seamless transition from one frame to another.


Creating scrolling effects in Figma is not difficult if you know how to use its features correctly. With just a few simple steps, you can create an engaging user experience for web or mobile apps with ease. By following these steps, anyone can easily create a smooth and seamless scrolling effect in Figma.