How Do You Draw a Curve in Figma?

Drawing curves in Figma is an essential skill for any designer. Whether you’re creating logos, icons, or illustrations, a basic understanding of how to draw curves in Figma can help you create more professional designs.

Figma makes it easy to draw curves using its vector tools. When using the Pen tool, simply click and drag your mouse across the canvas to create a curved line. You can also adjust the curve’s shape and width by dragging the control points at either end of the line. Additionally, you can use the Node tool to add and delete nodes along a curved line to fine-tune its shape.

If a curve has more than two control points, you can also use Figma’s Arc tool to quickly create smooth arcs and circles. With this tool, you can specify the start and end angles of your arc as well as its radius. Additionally, you can use the Bezier Curve tool to draw complex curves with multiple control points.

Once you’ve created your curve, you can style it further with colors, gradients, and strokes. You can also add additional effects like shadows, blurs, and masks to give it more depth.


Drawing curves in Figma is simple and intuitive thanks to its vector tools. By learning how to use the Pen tool, Node tool, Arc tool, and Bezier Curve tool in combination with Figma’s styling options like colors and gradients, designers of any level can quickly create professional-looking curves for their designs.