How Do You Edit Rich Text in Webflow?

Editing rich text in Webflow allows you to enhance your website’s content by adding various formatting elements. Whether you want to emphasize certain words or phrases, create lists, or add subheadings, Webflow provides an intuitive interface for achieving these effects. In this tutorial, we will explore the different ways you can edit rich text in Webflow.

Formatting Text

Webflow offers a range of HTML styling elements that can be used to format text. One commonly used element is the bold tag. By wrapping your desired text within tags, you can make it appear bold.

If you want to underline specific text, you can use the underline tag. Similar to the tag, the tags need to surround the text you wish to underline.

Create Lists

In addition to formatting individual words or phrases, Webflow allows you to create organized lists using HTML list elements. The most common types of lists are unordered and ordered lists.

Unordered Lists

To create an unordered list, use the

    tags and place each list item inside

  • tags. For example:

    • List Item 1
    • List Item 2
    • List Item 3

    Ordered Lists

    An ordered list is similar to an unordered list but with numbered items instead of bullet points. Use the

      tags for creating an ordered list:

      1. List Item 1
      2. List Item 2
      3. List Item 3

      Adding Subheadings

      Subheadings are a great way to organize your content and make it easier for readers to navigate. Webflow provides different heading tags, such as



      , etc., which allow you to create subheadings of varying importance.

      Example Usage:

      Subheading 1

      This is the content under Subheading 1.

      Subheading 2

      This is the content under Subheading 2.

      Subheading 3

      This is the content under Subheading 3.

      By utilizing the appropriate heading tags, you can create a clear hierarchy within your content and improve readability.

      With these HTML styling elements and Webflow’s intuitive interface, editing rich text becomes a breeze. Experiment with different formatting options and structure your content in an engaging way to captivate your website visitors!