How Do You Embed a YouTube Video in Figma?

Embedding a YouTube video in Figma can be a great way to add visual interest to your designs. It can help you communicate ideas and concepts more effectively, and also provide a fun way for users to interact with your product. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to do!

The first step is to find the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed. You can do this by simply copying the link from the address bar when you’re watching the video on YouTube itself. Once you have the URL, head over to Figma and open up the project you want to add the video to.

Next, select where on your canvas you would like the video to appear and create an embedded object by dragging “Embed” from the right-hand side panel onto your canvas. Once it appears, paste in the YouTube URL into this embedded object’s properties window.

The last step is simply making sure that all of your settings are correct. In particular, make sure that:

  • The aspect ratio is set correctly so that it fits within whatever frame size you’ve created for it.
  • The autoplay setting is enabled if desired.
  • The loop setting is enabled if desired.

Once these settings are adjusted, click “Save Changes” and your YouTube video should now be visible in Figma! Now, everyone collaborating on this project will be able to view and interact with this added media.

In conclusion, embedding a YouTube video into Figma is a great way to make projects come alive with visuals. By following these steps above, anyone can easily add a fun element of interactivity which will help bring projects closer to completion!

How Do You Embed a YouTube Video in Figma? The process is surprisingly simple – just find the URL of your desired video on YouTube, drag an “Embed” object onto your canvas in Figma, paste in the URL into its properties window, adjust any settings (aspect ratio/autoplay/loop), save changes, and then watch as your project comes alive with visuals!