How Do You Extrude a Sketch in SolidWorks?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to extrude a sketch in SolidWorks. Extruding a sketch allows us to create 3D models by extending the 2D sketch into the third dimension. This is a fundamental feature in SolidWorks and is used extensively in creating various parts and assemblies.

Step 1: Open a New Part File

To begin, open SolidWorks and create a new part file. You can do this by going to File > New > Part.

Step 2: Create a Sketch

Next, we need to create a sketch on which we will perform the extrusion. To do this, click on the Sketch tab at the top of the window and select the desired plane or face where you want to create your sketch.

Note: You can choose from various planes such as Front, Top, Right, and more depending on your requirements.

Step 3: Draw Your Sketch

Once you have selected the plane or face, you can start drawing your sketch using different sketch tools available in SolidWorks. These tools include lines, arcs, rectangles, circles, and many more.

Note: Make sure that your sketch is fully closed without any gaps or overlaps for successful extrusion.

Step 4: Define Extrusion Parameters

After completing your sketch, it’s time to define the parameters for extrusion. This includes specifying dimensions such as length or depth and selecting whether you want an extrusion cut or an extrusion boss/base.

To define these parameters:

  • Select the sketch you want to extrude by clicking on it.
  • Go to the Features tab and click on the Extruded Boss/Base or Extruded Cut command.
  • In the property manager, enter the desired values for depth or length, and select other options as per your requirements.
  • Click OK to apply the extrusion.

Step 5: Preview and Confirm Extrusion

Once you have defined the parameters, you will see a preview of your extrusion in the graphics area. This allows you to check if everything is as expected before confirming. You can rotate, zoom, and pan the model to get a better view of your extrusion.

If you are satisfied with the preview, click on the green checkmark or press Enter to confirm the extrusion. Your sketch will now be extruded in 3D based on your defined parameters.


  • To edit or modify an existing extrusion, simply double-click on it in the feature tree or graphics area. You can then make changes to its parameters using the property manager.
  • If you want to create complex shapes, try using multiple sketches and perform separate extrusions. You can later combine these features using boolean operations like Union or Subtract.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to extrude a sketch in SolidWorks.

This technique opens up endless possibilities for creating various parts and assemblies in 3D. Keep practicing and exploring different tools and features of SolidWorks to enhance your modeling skills!

Note: The steps mentioned above may vary slightly depending on the version of SolidWorks you are using. However, the basic concept of extruding a sketch remains the same.