How Do You Fix a Broken Figma Joint?

Figma joints are designed to be durable and long-lasting, but eventually they can break down due to age or misuse. If you’re dealing with a broken Figma joint, don’t despair; there are a few options for repairing your figure.

Replacing the Joint

The most reliable way to fix a broken Figma joint is to replace it. This can be done by removing the old joint and replacing it with an identical new one.

Depending on the type of joint, this may require disassembling the entire figure or just the affected area. Once you have removed the old joint, you will need to get an exact replacement from a hobby shop or online store that specializes in model parts. Once the new part is in place, reassemble your figure and it should be good as new!

Using Super Glue

In some cases, super glue can be used to repair a broken Figma joint. This method requires more finesse than replacing the part outright but can be used if you don’t have access to an exact replacement part.

To use super glue, simply apply a small amount of glue to both sides of the broken joint and press them together firmly until they bond. Allow them time to dry before reassembling your figure and testing out its mobility.

Using Heat

Heat can also be used as a temporary fix for a broken Figma joint. This method involves using either a heat gun or lighter (on low setting) to warm up the plastic around the joint until it becomes pliable, at which point you can carefully twist it back into place before allowing it to cool down and harden again. It’s important that you take care not to overheat your figure as this could distort its shape or otherwise damage it irreparably.

Conclusion: Broken Figma joints can be repaired in several ways depending on their specific issue; from replacing them outright with an exact replacement part, using super glue to bond them back together, or applying heat until they become pliable enough for manipulation into their original shape and position before cooling down again. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you’re careful not to cause any further damage while trying to repair your figure!