How Do You Get a Drop Shadow in Figma?

Drop shadows are commonly used in graphic design to add depth and dimension to a design. In Figma, drop shadows can be added to any object or group of objects with just a few clicks. With the right combination of settings, you can create drop shadows that look realistic and professional.

To get started, select the object(s) you’d like to add a drop shadow to. Then, open the “Fill & Stroke” panel in the right sidebar. At the bottom of this panel, you’ll see an option for “Drop Shadow” – click this option and it will expand to reveal several options for customizing your drop shadow.

The first option is for “Color” – this allows you to choose the color of your drop shadow. You can choose from a range of colors or enter a hex code if you know the exact color you want.

The next option is for “Opacity” – this allows you to adjust how transparent or opaque your drop shadow will be. You can choose anywhere from 0% (transparent) up to 100% (opaque).

The last two options are for “X Offset” and “Y Offset” which control how far away from the object(s) your drop shadow will appear. If both are set to 0px, then your drop shadow will appear directly beneath your object(s). If they are increased, then your drop shadow will move further away in whichever direction they are set to move in (positive numbers move right/down; negative numbers move left/up).

Finally, there is an “Inner Shadow” toggle at the top which allows you to switch between an outer/regular drop shadow and an inner/glow-like effect which appears within and around the edges of your object(s).

Once you have adjusted all these settings as desired, click on the checkmark icon at the top-right corner of this panel to save your changes and apply them to your design. With just a few simple steps, you can create beautiful, realistic-looking drop shadows in Figma!

In conclusion, getting a great looking drop shadow in Figma is not difficult at all! All it takes is a few clicks in the Fill & Stroke panel and some adjustments of various settings such as Color, Opacity, X Offset, Y Offset and Inner Shadow toggle and viola – awesome looking shadows!