How Do You Get a Prototype in Figma?

At the heart of any product design process is the prototype. Prototypes are essential tools that help designers and developers to quickly test out ideas and get feedback from users.

A prototype in Figma is no different. It is a digital representation of a product or concept that can be used to quickly test out ideas and get feedback from users.

Creating a prototype in Figma is easy and straightforward. You can create a new project, or select an existing one.

In the project, you can start adding frames, shapes, buttons, images, etc., to create your screens. You can also add events such as link clicks or hover actions to make your prototype interactive.

Figma also allows you to add transitions between frames for a realistic user experience. This way you can see how users will navigate through your prototype before it’s released. You can also use Figma’s prototyping feature to preview your designs on different devices so you know exactly how they’ll look on various screens.

Once you have created your prototype in Figma, you can share it with others for feedback. You can share the link with stakeholders or invite them directly into the project so they can interact with the prototype directly.


Creating prototypes in Figma is an easy and efficient way for designers to quickly test out their ideas and get feedback from users. With its intuitive interface and powerful features such as transitions and device previews, creating a prototype in Figma is simple and straightforward.