How Do You Get Gold Effect in Canva?

Adding a gold effect to any design is a great way to add an element of luxury and sophistication. Whether it’s a logo, website graphic, or just some text, a golden touch can make any design shine.

Canva is a popular online design platform that makes it easy to create all kinds of visuals for any project. Fortunately, getting the golden effect on Canva is quite simple.

Working with Gold Color Palettes

The first step to getting your golden effect in Canva is choosing the right gold color palette. Canva offers many different variations of gold tones, from light and soft hues to dark and rich ones. Experiment with different palettes until you find one that works with your design and has the desired effect you’re looking for.

Adding Textures

Once you’ve chosen the perfect color palette for your project, you can add some extra dimension by adding textures and patterns. On the left-hand side of the Canva interface, there are several options for textures and patterns available under the “Elements” tab.

You can use these textures to create a subtle shimmering effect on your gold elements.

Using Layers

Canva also gives you the ability to layer different elements together in order to create more complex designs. For instance, if you want to create a metallic-looking logo with a gold background and white text on top, simply add a white rectangle shape over your background layer and then add your text on top of that.


Getting the perfect golden effect in Canva is easy when done correctly. By selecting the right color palettes, adding complementary textures and patterns, and utilizing layers correctly, anyone can make their designs look like they were designed by an experienced professional.

Answer: How Do You Get Gold Effect in Canva?

You can get gold effect in Canva by selecting the right color palettes from their library of options, adding complementary textures or patterns from their Elements tab, and utilizing layers correctly when creating more complex designs.