How Do You Get Highlights on Canva on Instagram?

Highlights on Canva are a great way to add visual interest to your Instagram profile. Highlights are a feature that allow you to showcase your favorite content in one place.

They can help you organize your content, and give viewers a better experience when they visit your profile.

Getting started with highlights on Canva is easy. All you need to do is go to the “Highlights” tab in the left-hand side menu of the Canva app.

From there, you can create a highlight by choosing one of your previously created designs or creating something new. You can also adjust the size and position of the highlight within the page.

When creating a highlight, it’s important to choose an eye-catching design that will draw people in and make them want to click on it. You can use vibrant colors, bold fonts, and interesting shapes or patterns to make your design stand out from others. It’s also important to consider the theme of your profile when selecting designs for highlights – this will help ensure that all of your content is cohesive.

Once you’ve created a highlight, you can use hashtag stickers or text boxes in Canva to further customize it for Instagram. You can add hashtags related to the topic of your highlight so that it’s easier for people to find it in search results. You can also include links back to relevant posts or other pages on Instagram.

Once you’ve finished editing your highlight, you can upload it directly into Instagram!

Highlights on Canva are an easy and effective way to organize content on Instagram and show off some of your best work at the same time! With its easy-to-use design tools and hashtag stickers, Canva makes it simple for anyone to create beautiful highlights for their Instagram profile.

Creating highlights on Canva for Instagram is easy and rewarding – just choose an eye-catching design, customize it with hashtags or text boxes, then upload it directly into Instagram! With its user-friendly design tools and hashtag stickers, Canva makes creating stunning highlights quick and effortless.