How Do You Link Text Boxes in Canva?

Linked text boxes are a unique and useful tool for creating visually appealing designs in Canva. Linking text boxes allows you to create a cohesive design by connecting different elements on the page. This technique is especially useful for creating banners, flyers, posters and other graphical designs.

The process of linking text boxes in Canva is relatively simple. To begin, select the two text boxes you would like to link and use the “Link” tool located in the upper right corner of the canvas.

Once selected, draw a line connecting the two boxes with your mouse or trackpad. The line should appear highlighted when it is properly linked.

Once you have created your linked text boxes, you can further customize them with different fonts, colors and effects. For example, if you want to add emphasis to a particular word or phrase, select that element and click on the “Bold” icon in the Text menu. You can also use the “Underline” option to highlight certain words or phrases.

In addition to styling your linked text boxes, Canva also provides several options for arranging them on the page. You can move them around freely using the “Move” tool or align them along any of Canva’s pre-defined grids using the “Align” tool. You can also adjust their size using either of these tools as well.

With linked text boxes, Canva offers an easy way to create visually appealing designs quickly and easily. Whether you are creating banners for social media or posters for events, linking text boxes offers an efficient way to keep your design consistent and organized.

Linking text boxes in Canva is a great way to create visually appealing designs quickly and easily. The process is simple—just select two text boxes and use the “Link” tool—and once they are linked you can customize them with different fonts, colors and effects as well as arrange them on page according to your preferences. With this tool at your disposal there’s no reason not to give it a try!