How Do You Make a 3D Logo in Canva?

Designing a 3D logo from scratch requires an understanding of graphic design and the use of specialized software. However, Canva makes it easier for anyone to create a 3D logo by offering an array of templates and features that can be customized to create unique designs. It’s fast, easy, and free.

Steps to make your 3D logo in Canva

1. Visit Canva’s website and create an account. This will allow you to save your design progress whenever you need a break or want to come back at a later date.

2. Once logged in, select “Logo” from the left-hand menu bar and then choose “3D Logo” as the template style.

3. Choose one of the pre-made templates or start creating your own logo from scratch using Canva’s selection of textures, shapes, fonts, and colors.


When you’re happy with the design, click “Download” located on the top right-hand corner of the page. You can choose from either a JPEG format for web use or PNG for print.


• Get creative with shapes and textures – combine different shapes together or add texture to give it a unique look.

• Experiment with font options – mix different fonts together or try out bolder fonts to make your logo stand out.

• Use colors that match your brand – pick two main colors that represent your brand identity.

Canva makes creating a 3D logo quick and easy. With its selection of customizable templates and features, you can create an original 3D logo design in minutes – no graphic design experience required! So if you’re looking for a way to jazz up your business’s branding with an eye-catching 3D logo, Canva is definitely worth checking out!

Creating a 3D logo in Canva is fast, easy and free! With its selection of customizable templates and features, anyone can create their own unique 3D logo in minutes without any prior knowledge or experience in graphic design. So if you’re looking for an eye-catching 3D logo for your business’s branding, Canva is definitely worth checking out!