How Do You Make a App Prototype in Figma?

Making a prototype in Figma is a great way to bring your app ideas to life. A prototype is a high-fidelity, interactive version of your app that you can test and iterate on before you build the real thing. It’s also a great way to show potential investors what your vision looks like and how it works.

Creating an app prototype in Figma is fast and easy. Figma’s intuitive interface makes it easy to design, prototype, and preview your design on different devices in no time. Plus, since Figma prototypes are cloud-based, they’re easy to share with others for feedback and collaboration.

Steps To Make an App Prototype in Figma:

1. Get Started: First, create a new project in the Figma web app or desktop app. You can start by using one of the basic mobile templates or create your own blank canvas.


Design Your App: Now you can start designing your app from scratch by adding shapes, images, text, and other components to the canvas.

3. Link Your Screens: Once you have all of your screens designed, it’s time to link them together so that users can interact with them as if they were using the real app.

4. Preview & Test: Now you can preview and test your prototype on any device to make sure everything works as expected.

5. Share & Iterate: Finally, share your prototype with others for feedback or collaboration before going live!


Making an app prototype in Figma is fast and easy thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful tools. With just a few steps you can design, link screens together, test on different devices, and collaborate with others before going live with your project.