How Do You Make a Blob in Figma?

Figma is a powerful web-based design tool that enables users to create and share designs with teams in real-time. It has become the go-to tool for many designers and developers who need to quickly prototype an idea or collaborate on complex projects. One of the most useful features of Figma is its ability to create custom shapes, referred to as “Blobs.” Blobs are great for creating custom illustrations, logos, icons, and more.

Creating a blob in Figma is easy. First, you will need to select the “Create Shape” option from the Shapes menu in the top toolbar.

This will open up a window with several preset shapes that you can choose from. If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, you can also create your own shape by clicking on the “Create Custom Shape” button at the bottom of this window.

Once you have created your custom shape, you can begin editing it to make it look just how you want it. You can use the various tools available in Figma to adjust the size and shape of your blob, add colors and textures, and even add effects such as shadows or gradients. You can also use Figma’s built-in vector drawing tools to further customize your blob.

If you want to save your blob so that you can use it again later, simply select “Save As…” from the File menu at the top toolbar. This will give you an option to save your blob as a PNG or SVG file which can be used anywhere.


Making a blob in Figma is incredibly easy and straightforward – all it takes is selecting “Create Shape” from the Shapes menu and then using Figma’s controls to edit your shape until it looks just right. Once finished, simply select “Save As…” from the File menu at the top toolbar in order to save your blob as a PNG or SVG file for future use.