How Do You Make a Canva Video on YouTube?

Creating a video on YouTube with Canva is an easy and efficient way to create stunning visuals for your audience. Canva provides users with a wide variety of templates and designs that they can customize to their liking. The platform also provides users with a library of free photos, videos, illustrations, and fonts that they can use to create their own unique designs. With these features, creating a professional-looking video on YouTube is no longer an arduous task.

To get started creating your Canva video on YouTube, you will need to log in to your existing account or create a new one. Once you’re logged in, click the “Create Video” button at the top of the page. From there, you will be prompted to select from either the “My Library” tab or the “Templates” tab.

If you choose the “My Library” tab, you will be able to upload images or videos from your computer or device that you want to use for your video.

If you choose the “Templates” tab, you can browse through hundreds of creative templates that are specifically designed for creating videos on YouTube. You can then personalize these templates by customizing colors, fonts, text sizes, and more. Once you have finished customizing your template, click the “Publish” button at the bottom right corner of the page.

After publishing your template, Canva will prompt you to enter some basic information about your video such as title and description as well as provide options for sharing it across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once all this information is entered correctly and saved, click the “Upload to YouTube” button at the bottom right corner of the page.

When prompted by YouTube, enter any additional information such as category or tags before clicking on “Upload Video” at the bottom right corner of the page. Finally, wait for your video to upload and once it has finished uploading it will appear in your YouTube library!


Creating a Canva video on YouTube is easy and straightforward if you follow these steps. All users need is an existing account or access to create one; they can then use images or videos from their library or choose a template from Canva’s vast selection before finally uploading it onto YouTube!