How Do You Make a Collage Frame in Canva?

Making a collage frame on Canva could not be easier. You can quickly and easily create beautiful frames and use them to enhance your images or photos. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a collage frame on Canva.

1. Launch Canva and Select the Design Type
The first step is launching the Canva app and selecting the design type that you would like to use for your collage frame.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, including A4, square, or custom sizes. Once you have selected your size, click the “Create” button to start designing your frame.

2. Choose Your Layout
The next step is choosing your layout for the frame.

You can select from one of the pre-made templates or create your own custom design from scratch using Canva’s user-friendly tools and features. If you are making a frame from scratch, you can add shapes, images, backgrounds, text and more to create your perfect frame design.

3. Upload Your Photos
Once you have finished designing your frame layout, it’s time to upload your photos into the design interface.

To do this simply drag and drop your images into the canvas or upload them directly from your computer or device. Make sure that all of the images are properly aligned before proceeding further with the design process.

4. Position Photos in Frame

Now that all of your photos are uploaded into Canva it’s time to position them within the frame layout that you have created. To do this simply drag and drop each image into its designated place in the design interface until they are properly aligned with one another within the template or custom design that you have created for your collage frame layout. 5.

Customize Your Frame

The last step in creating a collage frame on Canva is customizing it with additional elements such as text, shapes, symbols etc., which will help give it more character and make it stand out even more! You can also add filters to adjust its color palette as well as add other effects such as shadows for an extra touch of professionalism.

Creating a collage frame on Canva could not be easier than with these simple steps! With just a few clicks you can quickly create beautiful frames that will enhance any photo or image that you would like to display in them.


By following these simple steps, anyone can make their own professional looking collage frames using Canva’s user-friendly tools and features! Whether it’s making an A4 size template or adding filters for an extra touch of professionalism – making a collage frame has never been easier!