How Do You Make a Deck in Figma?

Creating a deck in Figma is an excellent way to showcase your ideas and designs to a larger audience. It’s an easy-to-use design tool that allows you to create an interactive presentation in minutes, without the need for coding. With Figma, you can easily create presentations that are tailored to your audience and get feedback quickly.

The first step to creating a deck in Figma is to decide what kind of content you want in it. You can add text, images, charts, videos and more. Once you have decided what type of content you want to include, it’s time to start designing the layout of your deck.

In Figma, there are various templates available that make it easy to create a professional-looking presentation quickly. You can also choose from pre-designed layouts or create your own custom layout using the tools available.

When creating your own custom layout, make sure that the design is visually appealing and easy to understand for your audience. Once you have selected a template or created your own layout in Figma, it’s time to start adding content.

Adding content such as text, images and videos is easy with Figma’s intuitive drag and drop feature. You can also use the “Edit” function which allows you to customize fonts and colors within each element on the page. Additionally, you can add animations such as transitions between slides for added effect.

Once all of your content has been added, it’s time to preview the presentation before sharing it with others. This will help ensure everything looks correct before showing it off! When ready, simply click “Share” in the top right corner of the screen and select how you would like to share your presentation with others – either by link or email invitation.


Creating a deck in Figma is an excellent way for designers or professionals who need an interactive presentation quickly without having any coding knowledge required. From choosing a template or creating your own custom layout using the tools available in Figma; adding content such as text, images or videos; editing fonts and colors; adding animations; previewing before sharing; presenting has never been easier!