How Do You Make a Fillable Text Box in Figma?

In Figma, the ability to make fillable text boxes is a great way to customize the user experience on any project. It allows designers to quickly create and edit text boxes that can be filled out with user input. This can be used for forms, surveys, data entry tasks, and more.

When creating a fillable text box in Figma there are several steps that need to be taken. First, select the “Text” tool from the left side menu and begin typing your desired text into the canvas.

To make this text into a fillable text box, select the “Text” button located at the top of the menu bar and then choose “Make Fillable” from the drop down menu.

Once this has been selected, you will see a dotted line appear around your selected text. This indicates that it is now a fillable text box! You can now add additional styling such as background colors, borders, padding etc. by selecting the “Styles” tab located in the right-hand sidebar.

To make sure that your fillable text box is functioning correctly you should test it out by entering some sample data into it. If everything looks good then you are ready to go!


Creating a fillable text box in Figma is easy and efficient way to customize any project with user input. All one needs to do is select their desired text and choose “Make Fillable” from the Text drop down menu located at the top of the screen. Once this has been done they can add any additional styling they may desire using the Styles tab located in the right-hand sidebar before testing out their new creation with sample data.