How Do You Make a Foldable Booklet in Canva?

Making a foldable booklet in Canva is a great way to create an eye-catching and informative piece of print media. With Canva’s intuitive user interface, even those with no design experience can create beautiful and professional-looking booklets.

To start, open up the Canva homepage and select the “Booklet” tab. This will bring up a variety of booklet templates to choose from. You can select one that matches the look and feel of your project, or create your own unique design from scratch.

Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to populate it with content. The Canva editor allows you to drag and drop text, shapes, images, and elements onto the page.

You can also upload your own images or find free ones in the Canva library.

To make sure your booklet looks great in print, use high-resolution images for any graphics you include. This will ensure that the colors appear vivid and sharp on paper. Also be mindful of where you place text – make sure it doesn’t get lost behind graphics or image elements.

You can also customize your booklet by adding borders around pages or using other design elements such as lines, shapes, color overlays, etc. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, select “Download” from the top right corner of the editor to save a PDF version of your booklet.


Creating a foldable booklet in Canva is easy and straightforward. With its intuitive user interface and wide range of features, anyone can produce professional-looking booklets with minimal effort. So if you need to create an attractive print media piece for an upcoming event or promotion, give Canva a try!