How Do You Make a Game on Canva?

Canva is a powerful online design tool that allows users to create stunning visuals for their projects. It has become increasingly popular amongst gamers, who are using it to make their own gaming experiences.

With Canva, you can easily create custom game graphics, customize the layout of your game, and even add interactive elements like animations and sound effects. Whether you’re an experienced game designer or a beginner looking to break into the industry, Canva is a great way to get started.

The first step in making a game on Canva is choosing the template that best suits your needs. The Canva library includes hundreds of templates for different types of games, from arcade-style shooting games to complex RPGs.

Once you’ve selected your template, you can customize it with your own images and text. You can also add shapes, lines, and other elements to further customize the design of your game.

When you’ve finished customizing your game’s design, you can add interactive elements like buttons and sliders. This allows players to interact with the game and control its outcome.

You can also add audio files such as background music or sound effects that will play during gameplay. Finally, you can use Canva’s built-in animation tools to create smooth transitions between levels or scenes.

Once your game is complete, you can export it as an HTML file or upload it directly to Canva’s servers for hosting. From there, you can share it with friends or post it online for others to play. You can also submit your game to various gaming websites where people can find and play it.


Making a game on Canva is easy and straightforward thanks to its powerful online design tools and customizable templates. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, anyone from beginners to experienced designers can create amazing games in no time at all!