How Do You Make a Gradient in Canva?

Making a gradient in Canva is a great way to add a touch of flair and professional style to your design. With Canva’s intuitive user interface, it’s easy to create beautiful gradients for your designs.

To get started, open the Canva editor and select the shape or text box you want to add the gradient effect to. Then, click on the ‘fx’ button in the top right corner of the canvas and select ‘Gradient’ from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve selected ‘Gradient’, you can choose from one of Canva’s premade gradients or customize your own. To customize your own gradient, you can use the control handles to adjust and move around color stops as well as opacity levels. Additionally, you can also choose from a variety of gradient types such as linear, radial and angular.

If you want to add more than one color to your gradient effect, simply click on the plus sign next to the color stops panel and choose additional colors from there. You can also adjust each color stop individually by clicking on its corresponding circle icon.

Finally, once you are happy with your custom gradient design, click on ‘Done’ in the top right corner of the canvas and it will be applied to your chosen shape or text box.

Creating a custom gradient in Canva is easy! With just a few clicks, you can add beautiful gradients to any shape or text box for added flair and style. Whether you use one of Canva’s premade gradients or create your own custom design – adding a unique touch to your designs has never been so simple!