How Do You Make a Horizontal Scroll in Figma?

If you’re looking to add a unique design element to your website or app, the horizontal scroll feature is a great way to do it. It can be used to showcase your product images, important information, or even just for aesthetic purposes.

But how do you make a horizontal scroll in Figma? There are several steps involved in creating a horizontal scroll in Figma.

First, you’ll need to select the frame that will hold your content. To do this, click on the ‘Frames’ menu and select ‘Create Frame’.

This will create an empty rectangular frame where you’ll place your content. Next, you’ll need to add some content inside the frame by clicking on the ‘Insert’ menu and selecting either ‘Image’, ‘Text’, or ‘Vector’.

Once you have added all of your content inside the frame, it’s time to make it horizontally scrollable. To do this, click on the vertical ellipsis icon at the top right of the frame and then select ‘Scroll’.

This will open up a sidebar with various options for making your frame horizontally scrollable. You can adjust various settings such as animation speed, scrolling direction (horizontal or vertical), and whether or not to loop through content.

The last step is styling your horizontal scroll feature with CSS. This is where you can adjust things like font size, background color, font family, etc.

To get started with CSS styling in Figma, open up the Inspector panel by clicking on the top-right gear icon of the frame. Then click on ‘Styles’ and start adjusting any settings that you want to change within that particular element.

With these steps complete, you now have a fully functioning horizontal scroll feature in Figma! You can use it however you like – from showcasing product images to providing important information – and use it as an eye-catching design element for your website or app.

Conclusion: Creating a horizontal scroll in Figma is quite straightforward once you know how all of its features work together. First, create an empty rectangular frame and add some content inside of it using either images, text or vector shapes.

Then enable horizontal scrolling by going into Scroll Settings from within the Inspector panel and adjust any other settings that are needed such as animation speed and scrolling direction . Lastly style it using CSS from within Styles section of Inspector panel for more control over elements such as font size and background color . With these steps complete ,you’ll have a fully functioning horizontal scroll feature in Figma!