How Do You Make a Map in Figma?

Making a map in Figma is a great way to visually communicate information. With Figma, you can quickly design a custom-made map with vector-based shapes and icons, allowing for a more detailed and personalized look. Plus, with its interactive features, you can easily incorporate feedback from colleagues or clients.

The first step in creating a map in Figma is to decide on the size and shape of your map.

You can start with the default canvas size or adjust it to fit the project you’re working on. Once you’ve chosen the canvas size, add layers for each element of the map. This includes lines, shapes, icons, and other elements that will make up the overall design of your map.

Next, you’ll need to pick colors for your map. You can use Figma’s color picker tool or select colors from its palette library.

You can also create combinations of colors using Figma’s gradient feature. After selecting colors for your elements, start adding labels and data points to your map.

To add labels and data points to your map in Figma, use the text box tool to write out labels or numbers that correspond with certain areas of the map. You can also choose from a variety of fonts available in Figma and adjust their size as needed. Additionally, if you need to add symbols or icons to represent specific areas of your map, you can use the vector drawing tool.

Once all elements have been added to your map, it’s time for final touches like adding shadows or adjusting line weights for more detail. When everything looks perfect, export your finished product as an image file so that it’s ready for sharing!

In conclusion, making a custom-made map in Figma is easy thanks to various features like layers, vector drawing tools and color pickers that allow you to create unique visuals quickly and easily. With these tools at hand plus a bit of creativity — creating beautiful maps has never been easier!


Creating a custom-made map using Figma is an easy process that requires minimal effort while allowing maximum flexibility when designing maps with vector-based shapes and icons. By using the various tools available within Figma such as layers, color pickers and vector drawing tools — anyone can create beautiful maps quickly and effectively!