How Do You Make a Parallax Scroll in Figma?

A parallax scroll is an animation technique used to create a sense of depth and movement on websites. It works by having different layers of content move at different speeds, creating a 3D effect as the user scrolls down the page. This technique has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now used on many sites to add interest and engage visitors.

Using Figma, you can create a parallax scroll with relative ease. To get started, you’ll need to create a project with multiple frames, each containing its own set of elements.

You can then assign each frame its own speed, z-index, and distance from the center of the screen. This will determine how quickly each layer will move in relation to the others as the user scrolls down.

The next step is to adjust the positioning of each element within its own frame. By using Figma’s alignment tools, you can position each element in relation to its parent frame so that it will move along as the user scrolls down. You’ll also need to adjust the size and rotation of elements if necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Once your frames are ready, you’ll need to connect them together in sequence using Figma’s timeline feature. This will allow you to control how quickly each layer moves relative to one another as the user scrolls down. You can also add additional effects such as fading or scaling elements as they move across the screen for extra interest.

Finally, once everything is set up correctly, you can preview your parallax scroll in Figma’s browser view and tweak any settings if necessary before publishing your project online for others to view. With some practice, creating a parallax scroll in Figma can become second nature and help make your websites stand out from the competition!


Creating a parallax scroll in Figma doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what steps are involved. By creating multiple frames with elements positioned relative to their parent frames, adjusting their speed using the timeline feature and tweaking any additional settings needed for effect – it’s easy make your website stand out from others with this animation technique!