How Do You Make a Pop Up in Figma?

Making a pop up in Figma is a great way to add some extra style and flair to your designs. By using the right tools and techniques, you can create beautiful and functional pop ups that will draw attention to important information or messages. Here are some steps to help you make a pop up in Figma.


Start by creating a rectangle shape: The first step is to create a rectangle shape that will serve as the backdrop for your pop up. You can easily do this by selecting the Rectangle tool from the toolbar and dragging it onto the canvas. You can then adjust the size of the rectangle by dragging its edges or corners.

2. Add text: Once you have created the rectangle, you can start adding text.

Select the Text tool from the toolbar and click inside your new shape. Type in whatever message or information you want to be displayed in your pop up, then adjust its size, font, color, etc., using the options in the Properties panel on the right side of your window.

3. Set background color: To give your pop up an extra level of visual interest, try setting a background color for it – either using one of Figma’s presets or creating one of your own using hex codes or RGB values. You can also add shadows or gradients if you’d like an even more eye-catching look!

4. Export and preview: When you’re happy with how it looks, don’t forget to export it before previewing it!

This will ensure that everything looks as intended when viewed by others on different devices or platforms. Once exported, open it up in your browser for a final check before sharing with others!

Conclusion: Making a pop up in Figma is easy and fun – all you need is some basic knowledge of shapes, text editing tools, and color settings! With these tools at hand, you can quickly create beautiful pop ups that will draw attention and provide essential information to viewers. So don’t wait any longer – get started now and make something amazing!