How Do You Make a Quote in Canva?

Creating a quote with Canva is a great way to add some personal flair to your digital images. With Canva, you can easily design beautiful quotes that you can use on social media, in blog posts, and more. Here’s how to get started:

1. Select a background for your quote
The first step in making a quote in Canva is selecting your background.

You can choose from many different background options, including solid colors, patterns, and images. Or you can even upload your own image or pattern to use as the background for your quote.

2. Add text
Once you’ve chosen your background, it’s time to add the text of your quote.

With Canva’s intuitive text editor, adding words is quick and easy. Simply click on the ‘Text’ tab and type in what you’d like the quote to say. You can also customize the font size, color, and style of the text to make it look just right.

3. Style your quote
Now that you’ve added the words of your quote, it’s time to give it some style!

You can add additional elements such as icons or shapes using the ‘Elements’ tab at the top of the page. Or use one of Canva’s many free design elements such as frames or banners to give your quote some extra pizzazz.

4. Save and share!
When you’re done designing your quote, simply save it by clicking on the ‘Download’ button at the top right corner of the page.

Then all that’s left is to share it with friends and family! With Canva’s direct sharing options you can quickly post your new creation directly to social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter for all to enjoy!

Conclusion: Making a quote with Canva is a great way to show off your creativity and add some personal flair to digital images! With its easy-to-use tools and design elements, creating beautiful quotes has never been easier!

So why wait? Get started today and see what amazing quotes you can create with Canva!