How Do You Make a Scrolling Map in Figma?

Making a scrolling map in Figma is an easy and efficient way to create a visually appealing presentation for any project. Whether it’s for a website, app, or game, having a scrolling map can give your project a more interactive feel.

With Figma’s powerful design and prototyping tools, creating a scrolling map has never been easier.

To begin with, you’ll need to open up Figma and create a new file. You can choose from several different templates that are available for you.

Once you have chosen the template you want to work with, you’ll need to add the components that will make up your map. This includes the background image, labels, markers, and any other graphical elements that you want to include in your design.

Once all of these components have been added to your file, it’s time to start styling your map. In order to make your scrolling map look more realistic, you can add shadows and 3D effects such as bevels or embossing. You can also change the colors of your elements and adjust the size of each element on the canvas.

After styling your map, it’s time to add some animation effects so that when users scroll through the page they’ll be able to see different parts of the map come alive. To do this in Figma, simply select the layer group containing the elements you want to animate then click on ‘Add Animation’.

You can choose from several different types of animations such as ‘Move’, ‘Rotate’, ‘Scale’, or ‘Fade’. Once you’ve chosen an animation effect for each element, simply click on ‘Play’ and watch as your animation comes alive.

Finally, when all of these steps have been completed successfully, it’s time to export your design so that everyone else can see it! To do this in Figma simply click on File > Export > PNG/JPG/GIF/SVG or whatever format you would like. Once exported your scrolling map will be ready for use!

In conclusion, making a scrolling map in Figma is incredibly easy and straightforward thanks to its powerful design tools. With just a few clicks of a button you can create beautiful maps with animations that will bring any project alive!