How Do You Make a Seamless Carousel on Instagram on Canva?

If you are looking to create a seamless carousel on Instagram on Canva, you’re in luck. Canva is an incredibly user-friendly platform, and creating beautiful carousels doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. By following a few steps, you can quickly create an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching carousel that will engage your followers and draw attention to your brand.

Step 1: Start by choosing the right template for your needs. Canva offers hundreds of templates that can be used for Instagram posts and stories, so you’ll want to select one that fits with the aesthetic of your brand. You can also decide if you want to start from scratch or use one of the premade templates.

Step 2: Once you have selected a template, it’s time to customize it for your needs. You can add text, images, colors, shapes and other design elements to make it unique. If you want a cohesive look across all posts in your carousel, make sure that all of these elements are consistent with each other.

Step 3: Next, upload the images or videos that will be included in your carousel. This step is important because it ensures that all the images have the same size and aspect ratio before they are uploaded into the template. This will help ensure that they look seamless when they are viewed together in the carousel format.

Step 4: Once all of the images have been added to the template, it’s time to arrange them in a way that looks visually appealing. This could involve adding arrows or other elements between each image/video or arranging them in an interesting way around a central focal point such as text or an image/video.

Step 5: Finally, export the design as an MP4 file so that it is formatted correctly for Instagram’s requirements. Once you have done this, simply upload the file into Instagram and enjoy your new seamless carousel!


Creating a seamless carousel on Instagram using Canva is easy and fast! All it takes is five simple steps – choosing a template, customizing it for your needs, uploading images/videos into the template, arranging them in a visually appealing way and exporting as an MP4 file – and you’ll be ready to share your new creation with followers!