How Do You Make a Toggle Component in Figma?

Making a toggle component in Figma is a relatively simple process and can be done in just a few easy steps. The toggle component is an important part of any UI design, as it allows users to quickly switch between two states. In Figma, the toggle component is made up of two parts: the button and the indicator.

The button is the part of the toggle that the user will interact with. It should be designed to look visually appealing and should be big enough for a user to easily tap or click on it.

The indicator is the part of the toggle that will indicate which state it is currently in. This could be a small icon, such as a checkmark or an arrow, or it could be text such as “ON” or “OFF”.

Once you have designed your toggle components, you can then add them to your Figma project. To do this, simply select both components and then choose ‘Group’ from the top menu bar.

This will create a new group that contains both components together. You can then move this group around your Figma project as needed.

Finally, you need to add some interactions so that when a user clicks on the button, it changes states accordingly. To do this, select your group and then go to ‘Interactions’ from the top menu bar.

Here you can set up an action that will run when someone clicks on the button (for example, switching between ON/OFF states). You can also set up other actions such as changing colors or adding animations when someone interacts with your toggle component.

Once you have finished setting up your interactions and styling your components, you are ready to use them in your design projects! With just a few easy steps you can quickly create a functional and visually appealing toggle component in Figma that users will love interacting with!


Making a toggle component in Figma is an easy process that requires only minimal design skills and knowledge of how to use groups and interactions within Figma. By following these steps you can quickly create an attractive and functional toggle component for your designs!