How Do You Make a Vogue Magazine in Canva?

Creating a Vogue-style magazine in Canva is easy and fun. With the vast array of templates available, you can quickly create a stunning publication that looks like it’s straight out of the pages of Vogue. To make a Vogue magazine in Canva, you’ll need to choose a template, customize the design elements to your liking, add content, and then publish or print your magazine.

The first step to making your own Vogue-inspired magazine is to pick a template.

You can browse through hundreds of templates in Canva that have been designed by professionals and are perfect for creating a magazine like Vogue. You can choose from layouts that have multiple columns or single page designs. Once you’ve selected your template, you can customize it with fonts, colors, photos, illustrations, and more.

Customizing The Design

Once you’ve chosen your template and added it to the canvas, you can start customizing it with fonts, colors, photos and illustrations. Change up the font style to something more modern and chic like Avenir or Roboto.

Change up the colors using bold hues like black or white as an accent color or use pastel shades of pink or blue for a softer look. Add photographs of models and fashion trends to give it an authentic feel. You can also add illustrations such as icons or patterns to bring your design to life.

Adding Content

Once you’ve finished customizing the design elements of your Vogue-style magazine in Canva, you can start adding content to it. Write articles on fashion trends or profiles on models.

Include interviews with designers or beauty tips from makeup artists. You can also include photographs and illustrations that relate to each article.

Publishing & Printing Your Magazine

When you’re finished creating your Vogue-style magazine in Canva, all that’s left is publishing or printing it out so others can enjoy it too! You can either print out your design as a physical copy for people to read offline or publish it online for people to read online.


Creating a stunning publication that looks like its straight from Vogue is easy with Canva’s vast array of templates available for creating magazines. To make one such magazine from scratch using Canva requires one to first choose a suitable template; then customize the design elements such as fonts & colours; add content; followed by publishing/printing one’s creation so others may enjoy it too!