How Do You Make an Animated Flyer in Canva?

Creating an eye-catching animated flyer has never been easier than with Canva. This online platform allows anyone to easily create a professional-looking flyer in minutes, regardless of their design knowledge or experience. With Canva’s intuitive tools and vast library of images, fonts and templates, you can create a unique animated flyer that will grab attention and get your message across.

To get started, the first step is to navigate to the Canva website and sign up for an account. Once logged in, you’ll be presented with the home page where you can select from a variety of different design types including Flyers. When you click on Flyers, you’ll be taken to the canvas with a selection of templates for flyers that you can use as a starting point for your design.

Once you’ve chosen your template, it’s time to start customizing your design by adding elements such as images, text, shapes and illustrations. You can upload your own images or choose from Canva’s free library; there are millions of photos and graphics available to choose from.

You can also select from an array of fonts for your text; each one comes with its own set of formatting options such as size, weight, color and alignment so that you can customize it exactly how you want it. If desired, add some animations to make your flyer stand out even more – simply select the element that needs animating then choose from the available animation options in the menu bar on the right side of the screen.

When you’re happy with how everything looks on your flyer, it’s time to save it! With Canva Pro users are able to save their creations in multiple formats including animated GIFs or MP4s which is great for sharing on social media or websites. Alternatively if sharing digitally isn’t what you need thenCanva also allows users to print their designs in high-resolution at no extra cost – perfect if you’re aiming for a more traditional approach!


Creating an animated flyer using Canva is easy and efficient; this online platform provides users with intuitive tools and resources so that anyone can create a professional-looking flyer quickly and easily. With its vast library of images, fonts and templates as well as flexible saving options including GIFs or prints – Canva makes creating an eye-catching animated flyer effortless!