How Do You Make an App Icon in Figma?

Making an app icon in Figma can be a surprisingly easy process that almost anyone can do. Firstly, you need to open Figma and create a new file. You will then select the canvas size; it depends on the platform for which you are designing the icon. For instance, if you are creating an iOS app icon, you will want to select the ‘iOS App Icon’ preset.

Once your canvas is ready, you can start designing your icon. You can use basic shapes, icons from the Figma library or upload custom images to create your icon design.

To add colors, simply click on the shape and select a color from the color picker or manually enter a value.

To further customize your app icon design, you can also make use of Figma’s powerful effects such as shadows, gradients, glows etc. You can play around with these effects until you find something that looks good and represents your brand accurately.

Once your design is ready, it’s time to export it into various sizes that are needed for different platforms like iOS and Android. In Figma, this is very simple; just go to File > Export > Generate Assets and choose the settings that suit your needs best.

Making an app icon in Figma is not only easy but also convenient as it allows users to customize their icons with various effects and colors before exporting them into various sizes for different platforms like iOS and Android.