How Do You Make Components in Figma?

Making components in Figma is a great way to save time and create a consistent aesthetic for your designs. Components are a collection of elements that can be reused across projects, eliminating the need to create the same design element over again. Figma makes it easy to create components, and users can even leverage existing components from other projects or libraries for their own designs.

To begin creating components in Figma, first you need to select all of the elements that you want to include in the component. This could be anything from a basic shape such as a circle or rectangle, to more complex elements such as an image or text box.

Regardless of what type of element you are using, it must be part of the same Frame in order to be included in one component. Once all of the elements have been selected, simply right-click on any one of them and select “Create Component” from the menu.

When creating a component, users will have the option to give it a name as well as assign any additional properties they would like included with it. This could include things like color, text size, and more. Once these settings have been configured, click “Create” and your component is ready for use.

Another great feature of components within Figma is their ability to be updated quickly and easily. If you need to make changes to your component such as adding or removing an element, simply select all of the pieces within the Frame again and then right-click on one of them again and select “Update Component” from the menu. From here you can make any necessary changes without having to recreate everything from scratch.

Using Components

Once your components are created they can then easily be inserted into any project with just a few clicks. To do this simply drag and drop the component onto your canvas or select “Insert” followed by “Component” from the main menu bar.


Figma makes it easy for users to create custom components that can be reused across projects. All that is needed is selecting all desired elements within one Frame and then clicking “Create Component” from the right-click menu. Once created these components can then easily be inserted into any project with just a few clicks making designing easier than ever before!