How Do You Make Multiple Teams on Canva?

Canva is an online platform that allows users to create a variety of projects, from graphic designs to presentations. It has a wide range of options and settings that make it easy to customize a project.

One of the most useful features of Canva is the ability to create multiple teams. This allows users to collaborate on larger projects or simply organize their work into more manageable chunks.

Creating a team in Canva is quite simple. First, open the “Teams” tab in your Canva account.

Here you will find a list of any existing teams or can create a new one. Select “Create Team” and give it a name and description. You can then invite other users to join the team using their email addresses or by selecting from your contacts list.

Once you have created your team, you can add members to it by clicking on “Invite Members” and entering their email addresses or selecting them from your contacts list. You can also assign roles for each member such as Administrator, Editor, Viewer or Commenter. This will allow you to assign tasks and manage permissions for different members.

Once your team has been created and members added, you can begin creating projects together. All members will have access to the same project files and be able to view and edit them as needed. You can also use Canva’s chat feature which allows members to communicate directly with each other within the platform.

Canva’s multiple teams feature is an incredibly useful tool for those who need to work collaboratively on projects. It makes managing larger projects much easier by allowing users to assign tasks and roles, communicate directly with other members, and have access to shared project files.


Making multiple teams on Canva is easy with just a few clicks! Simply select “Create Team” from the Teams tab in your Canva account, enter a name and description for the team, invite members via email address or contact list, assign roles for each member, and start creating projects together! With this feature, it’s easier than ever before for users to collaborate on larger projects.