How Do You Make Realistic Mockups in Canva?

Mockups are essential when it comes to presenting ideas and concepts to clients. Creating realistic mockups quickly and efficiently can help you save time and money while still making sure that you meet your client’s expectations. Canva is a great tool to help you create professional-looking mockups quickly and easily.

The first step in making realistic mockups in Canva is to choose a template that best fits the project.

Canva offers a variety of templates for different kinds of projects, including product mockups, web page mockups, logos, and more. Once you’ve chosen the template that best fits your project, you can customize it with your own images and text. You can also customize the layout of the template by moving elements around or adding new ones.

Another way to make realistic mockups in Canva is to use stock images. Canva has a huge library of stock images that you can use for your project.

You can also upload your own images if you want to add something extra special to your mockup. You can then add text or other elements on top of the image to give it an even more realistic look.

Finally, once you’ve created your mockup, you can customize it further using Canva’s editing tools. The editing tools include options for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and more – all of which will help give your mockup a professional look.


Creating realistic mockups in Canva is an easy process that requires minimal effort but yields great results. By choosing a template that best fits the project, customizing it with images and text, using stock images from their library when needed, and adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation with their editing tools – you can create professional-looking mockups quickly and efficiently for any project!