How Do You Post a Canva Flyer on Instagram?

Creating professional looking flyers and designs has never been easier than with Canva. This online platform offers a wide range of design templates and options that can be tailored to any need. If you want to get your flyer out on social media, posting it on Instagram is a great way to spread the word. Here’s how you can post your Canva flyer on Instagram!

Step 1: Open up the Canva website or app and select your flyer design. You can either create one from scratch or use a pre-made template.

Once you have selected the template, customize it so it looks exactly the way you want it to.

Step 2: When you’re happy with the design, export it as an image file. Make sure to save it in a high resolution format so that when it is posted on Instagram, all of the details will be visible without any blurring or distortion.

Step 3: Now open up your Instagram account and click on ‘add post’. Select the image file containing your Canva flyer and make sure to add in an effective caption that will grab viewers’ attention.

Step 4: Before posting, you can add in relevant hashtags that relate to your product or service. This will help boost visibility for potential customers looking for what you’re offering.

Step 5: When everything looks good, click ‘post’ and watch as more people start seeing your Canva flyer on Instagram!

Conclusion: Posting a Canva flyer on Instagram is easy and straightforward with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is create or customize your design, export it as an image file, upload it onto Instagram, add in an effective caption, include relevant hashtags, and post away!