How Do You Put a Picture in a Shape on Canva?

Adding a picture in a shape to Canva is an easy way to give your photo a unique look. Canva offers a variety of shapes that can be used to frame your images.

Whether you’re looking for a classic shape or something more creative, you can find it on Canva. Here’s how to put an image into a shape on Canva.

To get started, open the Canva website and create an account by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Once you’ve created your account and logged in, click the “Create Design” button.

Select the size and orientation of your design. You can choose from predefined sizes such as A4, or enter your own custom size.

Once you have set up your design, click the “Shapes” tab at the top of the left-hand sidebar. You will then see a selection of shapes that you can drag onto your design canvas. Select the shape you want to use for your image and drag it onto the canvas.

Now click on “Uploads” from the left-hand sidebar and select an image from your computer or from one of Canva’s stock images. When you have selected an image, drag it onto the canvas and position it within the shape.

You will now see that your image is inside of the shape!

If necessary, adjust the size of both the shape and image using their respective handles in order to make them fit together perfectly. You can then adjust other aspects such as color or opacity if desired.

Finally, when you are happy with how everything looks, click “Download” at the top right corner to save a copy of your design to your computer.

Putting a picture in a shape on Canva is easy with its intuitive tools and wide range of shapes available. All you need to do is select a shape from its library, upload an image from your computer or one of its stock images, position it within that shape and adjust any settings as desired. Then all that’s left is downloading it for use!