How Do You Put a Watermark on a Video in Canva?

Watermarks are a common way to protect videos from piracy and unauthorized usage, and Canva is one of the most popular tools available for adding them to your content. Whether you’re a professional or amateur video creator, Canva makes it easy to apply watermarks to your work. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Open Canva and select the ‘Create a Design’ option. You’ll be prompted to choose a template size, so select the one that best suits your video size. To add a watermark, click on the ‘Uploads’ tab in the menu bar.

Step 2: Upload your logo or design that you’d like to use as a watermark. When it’s uploaded, drag and drop it onto your canvas. You can adjust its size by clicking on it and dragging the corners outward or inward.

Step 3: To make sure that your watermark is applied correctly to all frames of the video, click on the ‘Video’ tab in the menu bar. Select ‘Add Watermark’, then upload your logo or design again. Select which parts of the video you’d like it applied to.

Step 4: Once you’ve added all of your watermarks, click ‘Save’. You now have a video with an embedded watermark! You can use Canva’s editing tools if you want to adjust any settings after saving.

Adding watermarks to videos with Canva is easy and straightforward – just follow these steps! With its powerful editing tools, customizing your videos is simple and efficient. So go ahead and give it a try!


Adding a watermark on videos using Canva is simple and easy with these four steps — open Canva, upload logo or design, add watermark using Video tab, save file. It takes only minutes for users to apply their own custom logo or design as an effective protective measure against unauthorized use of their content.