How Do You Rescale in SketchUp?

Rescaling objects in SketchUp is a fundamental skill that allows you to adjust the size and proportions of your models. Whether you need to resize a furniture piece or scale an entire building, SketchUp provides several methods to achieve this. In this tutorial, we will explore different techniques for rescaling in SketchUp.

Method 1: Using the Scale Tool

To begin rescaling an object, select the “Scale” tool from the toolbar or press the “S” key on your keyboard. Once activated, click on the object you want to resize. You will notice several handles appearing around the object.

Step 1:

Click and drag one of the corner handles while holding down the Shift key to maintain proportions. By dragging outward, you can increase the size of your object, and by dragging inward, you can decrease it.

Step 2:

If you want to scale an object along a specific axis, hover your cursor over one of the edge handles until it changes to a curved arrow. Then click and drag to scale only along that axis.

Method 2: Using Numerical Input

If you require precise scaling based on exact measurements, SketchUp allows you to input numerical values directly.

Step 1:

Select the object you want to resize and go to Edit > Scale... Alternatively, right-click on the object and choose Scale.

Step 2:

In the “Scale” dialog box that appears, enter your desired values for each axis (X, Y, Z). Make sure to check or uncheck the uniform scaling option depending on whether you want proportional scaling or not.

Method 3: Using the Tape Measure Tool

The Tape Measure tool can also be utilized for rescaling purposes, especially when working with imported models or complex geometry.

Step 1:

Select the “Tape Measure” tool from the toolbar or press the “T” key.

Step 2:

Click on any edge or corner of the object you want to resize and then click on another point to establish a reference distance. This distance will act as a base measurement for scaling.

Step 3:

Type in your desired measurement into the “Measurement” box and hit Enter. SketchUp will automatically adjust the size of your object based on the reference distance.

Method 4: Using Plugins

If you’re looking for more advanced scaling options, there are several plugins available in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. These plugins offer additional features like non-uniform scaling, scaling by percentage, and more.

List of popular rescaling plugins:

  • FredoScale
  • TIG-Scale
  • ScaleTool
  • ProperScale

Installing these plugins is as simple as downloading them from the Extension Warehouse and adding them to your SketchUp plugin folder.

In conclusion, rescaling objects in SketchUp is an essential skill that every user should master. Whether you prefer using built-in tools or specialized plugins, understanding how to resize objects accurately will greatly enhance your modeling capabilities.