How Do You Resize a Frame and Content in Figma?

Resizing a frame and content in Figma is a great way to get creative with your designs. You can use this feature to make your design look more professional, as well as change the size and position of elements within the frame. Here we’ll discuss how you can resize a frame and content in Figma and why it’s so beneficial.

Why Resize?

Resizing frames and content in Figma is important for any design project. This helps you customize the size, shape, position, and other aspects of the design. For example, if you have a logo that needs to fit into a certain space or be used across multiple platforms, you can resize it within Figma to ensure it looks great no matter where it’s used.

How To Resize A Frame And Content In Figma

Resizing frames and content in Figma is simple. To resize a frame, first select the frame by clicking on it with your mouse.

Once selected, click on one of the four corners or one of the four sides of the frame. You can then drag them in or out to resize the frame.

To resize content within a frame, double click on an element within that frame. When it’s selected, you’ll see dots around its edges that will let you drag them in or out to resize accordingly.


By resizing frames and content in Figma, you can make sure your designs look professional on any platform they are used on.

It’s easy to do – just select the element(s) you want to resize by clicking on them with your mouse and then dragging their edges until they are the desired size. With this knowledge in hand, you can quickly customize designs as needed for any project!