How Do You Resize a Frame in Figma Without Moving?

Figma is a powerful design tool used by digital designers to create user interfaces. It has an intuitive interface and a wide range of features, making it very popular among professionals.

One of the most useful features of Figma is the ability to resize frames without moving them. This allows you to quickly adjust the size and shape of your design elements without having to manually move them around.

Resizing a frame in Figma is very easy. First, select the frame you want to resize by clicking on it or using one of Figma’s selection tools.

You can then use the corner handles or side handles to resize the frame. The corner handles will allow you to resize both the width and height of the frame at once, while the side handles will only affect one dimension at a time.

If you’re looking for more precise control over how your frame is resized, you can use Figma’s “Resize Frame” option in the “Objects” menu. This will open up a dialog box where you can enter exact values for both width and height, as well as specify if you want your frame to maintain its aspect ratio when resizing or not.

When resizing frames in Figma, there is also an option to “lock” them so that they don’t move when being resized. To do this, just click on the lock icon next to your frame in the layers panel. Once locked, any resizing operations performed on that frame will not move it from its current position, allowing you to adjust its size without messing up your design layout.

Figma also provides some handy shortcuts for quickly resizing frames. You can press Shift+Option (or Alt) + drag any handle on a selected frame to proportionally resize it from its center point – great for keeping everything centered and symmetrical! You can also press Shift + drag any handle on a selected frame to constrain both width and height at once – another great way of keeping everything symmetrical while making quick adjustments.

In summary, resizing frames in Figma is easy and straightforward thanks to its intuitive interface and wide range of features. Whether you are needing precise control over how your frames are resized or just need something quick and easy, there is an option for everyone in Figma.


Learning how do you resize a frame in Figma without moving it gives designers an invaluable tool when working with user interfaces. With options like corner handles and side handles as well as shortcuts such as Shift+Option (or Alt) + drag, designers have a variety of ways they can quickly adjust their designs without sacrificing precision or accuracy.