How Do You Round Edges in Canva?

Canva is a design platform that provides users with easy-to-use tools for creating stunning visuals. One of the most versatile features of Canva is its ability to round edges on any element.

This feature can be used to add a smooth and professional finish to your design. Whether you’re creating a logo, flyer, or website, rounded edges are a great way to make your design stand out.

To round edges in Canva, start by selecting the element you want to modify. This could be an image, text box, shape, or background.

Once you’ve selected the element, click on the “Edit” button located in the top left corner of the Canva interface. From here, you’ll see several editing options including “Rounded Corners.” Click on this option and adjust the degree of rounding using the slider bar.

Using Advanced Settings

If you want more control over how your rounded corners look, then you can access Canva’s advanced settings. To do this, click on “Advanced Settings” located under the “Edit” tab in the top left corner of the interface. Here you’ll find additional options such as radius and offset size which allow you to customize your rounded corners even further.

Saving Your Edits

Once you’ve finished adjusting your rounded corners, don’t forget to save your changes. To do this simply select “Save” from either the top right corner of your screen or from within the edit menu.

Rounding edges in Canva is an easy and effective way to give any design a polished look.

With just a few simple clicks it’s possible to tailor any element’s appearance and create designs that are sure to stand out!

How Do You Round Edges in Canva? Rounding edges in Canva is simple and straightforward with just a few clicks from within the Edit menu – select “Rounded Corners” then adjust using either basic or advanced settings before saving your changes for a professional finish!