How Do You Scale All Blocks in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a powerful software that allows you to create and manipulate 2D and 3D drawings. One common task in AutoCAD is scaling objects, which includes scaling individual objects as well as scaling multiple objects simultaneously. In this tutorial, we will focus on how to scale all blocks in AutoCAD.

Understanding Blocks in AutoCAD

Before we dive into the scaling process, it’s important to understand what blocks are in AutoCAD. Blocks are reusable entities that consist of multiple objects grouped together.

They can include lines, circles, arcs, and other geometries. By creating blocks, you can save time and maintain consistency in your drawings.

Scaling Individual Blocks

If you want to scale an individual block in AutoCAD, follow these steps:

  1. Select the block you want to scale by clicking on it.
  2. Go to the Modify tab in the Ribbon menu.
  3. In the Properties panel, find the Scale option.
  4. Click on the value next to “X” and enter the desired scale factor.
  5. The block will be scaled proportionally based on the entered value.


You can also use grips to scale individual blocks. Simply select the block and drag any of its grips while holding down the Shift key to maintain proportions during scaling.

Scaling Multiple Blocks Simultaneously

If you have multiple blocks that need to be scaled at once, using a command called “SCALE” will save you time. Here’s how:

  1. Type “SCALE” in the command line and press Enter.
  2. Specify the base point by clicking on a reference point (a corner, midpoint, or any other point) of the objects you want to scale.
  3. Specify the scale factor by entering a value or selecting two reference points.
  4. Select all the blocks you want to scale by either clicking on them or using a selection window.
  5. Press Enter to confirm and AutoCAD will scale all selected blocks accordingly.


The “SCALE” command can also be used for scaling other AutoCAD entities like lines, circles, and text. It offers flexibility in scaling various elements within your drawing.


Scaling blocks in AutoCAD is a common task that allows you to resize objects quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to scale individual blocks or multiple blocks at once, AutoCAD provides several tools and commands to make the process seamless. By utilizing these scaling techniques, you can ensure your drawings are accurate and visually appealing.

Remember, practice makes perfect! So go ahead and experiment with scaling blocks in AutoCAD to become more proficient in this essential skill!