How Do You Scale in Figma?

Figma is a powerful, versatile design tool that can help you quickly and easily create, prototype, and collaborate on designs. With Figma, you can easily scale your designs to fit any device or screen size.

Scaling in Figma is simple and straightforward. When you open a file, the canvas automatically adjusts to the size of the frame.

If you want to adjust the size of the canvas, there are two ways to do so. You can use the zoom control in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to quickly scale your design in Figma. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys will increase or decrease the zoom level of your canvas respectively (Ctrl + + for Mac users). Alternatively, if you know what size you need your canvas to be, you can use the ‘zoom-to-fit’ shortcut (Ctrl + 0 for Mac users) which will automatically adjust the zoom level so that everything fits perfectly on your screen.

You can also manually adjust the size of your canvas by dragging and dropping it in different areas on your screen. This is especially helpful when working with multiple frames at once as it allows you to see how each frame looks at different sizes.


Scaling in Figma is easy and efficient. Whether you are using keyboard shortcuts or manually adjusting the size of your canvas with drag and drop, Figma makes it easy to ensure that all elements fit perfectly on any device or screen size.