How Do You Scroll on Figma?

Using Figma is a great way to create designs, prototypes, and collaborate with other designers and developers. One of the most important aspects of creating a design in Figma is having the ability to scroll.

The ability to scroll allows you to create more detailed designs by being able to view more elements on the canvas. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use scrolling in Figma.

Using the Scrollbar

The scrollbar is located on the right side of the canvas and allows you to quickly navigate throughout your design. All you have to do is grab it with your mouse and drag it up or down.

You can also use your mouse wheel or trackpad gesture if you prefer. When using a trackpad, you can also use two fingers to zoom in and out of your design.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Figma also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for scrolling. This is especially helpful when working on larger projects as it will save you time from having to manually move the scrollbar.

The shortcut keys are ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ for moving up or down one page at a time as well as ‘Home’ and ‘End’ for quickly scrolling all the way up or down. You can also hold down ‘Shift’ while using any of these shortcuts for faster navigation.

Using Scroll Zones

Scroll zones are areas where you can quickly scroll by hovering over them with your mouse cursor. They are located around the edge of the canvas and will allow you to quickly navigate through your design without having to use the scrollbar or keyboard shortcuts.

Navigating through designs in Figma has never been easier thanks to its various scrolling options such as using a scrollbar, keyboard shortcuts, and scroll zones. With these tools, designers can quickly move through their projects without having to worry about manually scrolling each element on the canvas.