How Do You Select Objects in Figma?

Selecting objects in Figma is an essential part of the design process. It allows you to manipulate, customize and adjust your design elements as needed.

With a few clicks, you can select multiple objects at once, transform them into groups or isolate them for specific edits. The various selection tools in Figma make it easy to find exactly what you need with minimal effort.

Selection Tools

Figma offers several selection tools to help you quickly select the objects you need. The selection tool allows you to select individual objects with a single click.

You can also use the Select All tool to instantly select all objects on the canvas. The Lasso Tool allows you to draw a line around multiple objects and select them all at once. And if you need to select an object that’s embedded inside another object, the Direct Selection Tool lets you do just that.

Selecting Multiple Objects

If you need to select multiple objects at once, Figma has several options for doing so. You can use the Shift key while selecting individual objects with your mouse or trackpad, or use the Select All tool if all of your desired elements are visible on the canvas. If your desired elements are spread out across the canvas, try using the Lasso Tool instead – simply draw a line around all of your desired elements and they will be selected instantly.

Grouping Objects
Once you have selected multiple objects, it’s easy to group them together in Figma. Simply press Command + G (or Control + G on Windows) and all of your selected elements will be grouped into one object. This makes it easier to move, rotate or scale all of your grouped elements together as one unit.

Isolating Objects

If there’s an object that needs individual attention while editing, it’s easy to isolate it from other elements on the canvas in Figma. Select the object with either the Selection Tool or Direct Selection Tool and then press Command + 3 (or Control + 3 on Windows) to instantly isolate it from other elements on the canvas.


Figma provides a range of powerful tools for selecting and manipulating objects on its canvas. From selecting individual items with just one click to isolating specific elements for precise edits – Figma makes sure that no matter what design task is at hand, selecting objects is always quick and easy!