How Do You Show Figma Prototype?

Creating a Figma prototype is an essential part of the design process. It allows designers to test and iterate on ideas quickly without having to commit to code. A Figma prototype can help you create a detailed, interactive version of your design concept that you can share with others and get feedback on.

There are several different ways to show off a Figma prototype. One of the most popular is by creating a shareable link that can be sent out to stakeholders or collaborators who can view the prototype in their web browser.

This is useful for getting quick feedback on concepts or designs that don’t require any coding. Additionally, it makes it easy for people who don’t work with Figma to view and interact with the prototype.

Another way to show off a Figma prototype is by recording your screen while interacting with it. This allows you to create videos or GIFs that show off the full functionality of your design and how it works in action. This is especially helpful for gathering feedback from people who may be unfamiliar with Figma as they can watch what happens as you interact with the design.

If you’re looking for a more interactive way to show off your prototype, then consider using one of the many presentation tools available. These tools allow you to present your design live and walk stakeholders through how it works step-by-step. Additionally, these tools often allow for people in remote locations to join in on the presentation, making them great for remote teams or stakeholders who may not be able to join in person.

Regardless of which approach you take, showing off your Figma prototypes can be an effective way of gathering feedback on your designs and helping everyone understand how they work before they’re released into the wild. You can use links, recordings, or presentations depending on what best suits your needs, but no matter which one you choose it’ll help ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what you’ve created before it goes live.