How Do You Show Section Cuts in SketchUp?

Section cuts are a crucial aspect of architectural design and modeling. They allow us to visualize the interior details of a building, understand the spatial relationships between different elements, and make informed decisions during the design process. In SketchUp, showing section cuts is a simple yet powerful feature that helps us achieve this goal.

What is a Section Cut?

A section cut is an imaginary plane that slices through a 3D model to reveal its internal structure. It is like cutting a cake to see its layers. By showing section cuts in SketchUp, we can create detailed drawings or renderings that highlight specific portions of our model.

How to Create a Section Cut in SketchUp

Creating a section cut in SketchUp is quite straightforward:

  1. Select the Pencil Tool from the toolbar or press P on your keyboard to activate it.
  2. Draw a line across your model where you want the section cut to be. You can draw it horizontally, vertically, or at any angle based on your requirements.
  3. Select the Line Tool, right-click on the line you just drew, and choose “Create Section Plane”. Alternatively, you can go to “Tools > Section Plane”.
  4. A section plane will appear perpendicular to your line.
  5. To move or adjust the section plane position, use the “Move Tool”. Click on it, then click and drag the blue arrow along the desired axis.
  6. To rotate the section plane orientation, use the “Rotate Tool”.

    Click on it, then click and drag the green arc to rotate the section plane.

  7. To resize the section plane, use the “Scale Tool”. Click on it, then click and drag any of the corner grips to adjust its size.
  8. Double-click on the section plane to open its “Entity Info” panel. Here, you can give it a unique name or adjust its other properties if needed.

Displaying Section Cuts in SketchUp

Once you have created a section cut in SketchUp, you can toggle its visibility on and off:

  1. Select the “View” menu.
  2. Navigate to “Section Plane”.
  3. Select “Active Section Plane”.

The active section plane will be displayed as a highlighted red plane in your model. You can easily move, rotate, or resize it at any time using the respective tools mentioned earlier.

Tips for Using Section Cuts Effectively

To make the most of section cuts in SketchUp, here are some tips:

  • Create multiple sections: Use multiple section cuts to highlight different areas of your model simultaneously. This allows for better understanding and analysis of complex designs.
  • Add dimensions and annotations: To enhance clarity, consider adding dimensions and annotations to your section cuts.

    This provides additional information about specific elements or distances within your model.

  • Create scenes: Scenes allow you to save different views of your model, including section cuts. By creating scenes with different active section planes, you can easily switch between different perspectives and presentations.


Section cuts are an essential tool for architects and designers using SketchUp. By incorporating section cuts into our models, we can better understand the interior details, spatial relationships, and overall design of our creations. With SketchUp’s intuitive tools, creating and displaying section cuts has never been easier.