How Do You Transfer Google Slides to Figma?

Google Slides is a powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful presentations with ease. With its wide range of features and templates, it’s easy to make your slides look professional and engaging. But what if you want to transfer those slides over to a Figma design?

Fortunately, transferring Google Slides to Figma is surprisingly straightforward. All you need is the right plugin or app that can export your slides as an image or vector file, and you’ll be ready to go. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transfer Google Slides to Figma.

Step 1: Export Your Google Slides As Images Or Vector Files

The first step in transferring your Google Slides over to Figma is exporting them as images or vector files. This can be done easily using the Export for Web plugin.

All you have to do is select the slides you want to export, select the file type (JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc. ), and export them as a single file.

Step 2: Upload Your Exported File To Figma

Once your file has been exported, you can then upload it into Figma by dragging and dropping it directly into the canvas. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Open from File’ option under the File menu.

Step 3: Resize And Annotate The Image

After uploading your image or vector file into Figma, you will then need to resize it and add annotations if necessary.

You can do this by selecting the ‘Resize’ option from the top menu bar and entering in your desired dimensions. To add annotations such as arrows or text boxes, simply click on the ‘Annotation’ button located at the top of the canvas.


Transferring Google Slides over to Figma is easy with the right tools and steps in place. By using a plugin or app that exports your slides as an image or vector file, then uploading it into Figma and resizing/annotating it as needed – you’ll have no trouble making beautiful presentations that are compatible with both platforms.